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One of the major challenges faced by Western countries and the world as a whole after the financial crisis of 2007 and the following stagnation is to find new thinking patterns for economic growth and innovation. Recent research depicts economic growth as an evolutionary process occurring in out-of-equilibrium ecosystems involving technologies and industrial capabilities. In order to properly address the challenges posed by such complex ecosystems new theories are required. We aim to contribute to such a paradigmatic shift from a multidisciplinary point of view, developing innovative and effective metrics and forecasting methods, as well as new conceptual schemes for modelling the complexity of the economic world.

We consider dissemination as one of the cornerstones for the initiative’s success. The intention of this blog is therefore twofold: first to introduce in the international economics debate an Economic Complexity perspective, thereby contributing to sharing its results, particularly outside the expert’s circles and especially among innovative entrepreneurs and political decision-makers; second to introduce in the Italian national debate on political economy, currently dominated particularly on the press by mainstream neoclassic views, some elements of heterogeneity and off-stream thinking. For this reason the blog is organised in two main interrelated sections: the research area where we present the Economic Complexity perspective and results, and the blog area, where we plan to host contributions from eminent off-stream economic thinkers. Blog’s content will be available both in English and in Italian, in order to be effective both in terms of disseminating Economic Complexity at an international level and to impact on the Italian debate on economics and its political consequences.



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